Everything is getting into place now. I have build a shelf, a table and even bought a tool trolley so […]
To have the best setup for the work I’m going to do on the car, the first thing I needed […]
For 5 years I have been sharing the workshop in Gørløse together with my good friend Petar and even though […]
Last couple of months has been fantastic for Camilla and I because we became parents to little Ursula – a […]
Since my last update we have been through Christmas and New Years, so the project has been moving slowly for […]
Jyderup Sandblæseri has done a fine job of sandblasting the car, but in the areas made with thin sheet metal they were unable […]
There has been nice progress on my ’69 beetle since the last update. Henrik has among other things changed the […]
Yesterday my 69 beetle was finished being sandblasted and ready to go to the next step in the process. Therefore it […]
Then came the day where my ’69 beetle was picked up and taken to sandblasting and after that some serious body […]
After having been to a nice baptism party in the daytime – Camilla offered to join me in the workshop […]